Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let Me Tell You 'Bout the Birds and the Bees...

The warmth of the sun is with us once more; flowers are blooming, birds are singing and crickets are chirping. I offer you some folktales to help us welcome summer!

Akanidi the Bright Sunbeam – A Siberian Tale

Clytie, the Heliotrope -An adaptation of the Greek myth

The Cricket’s Song - Guatemalan Folktale

Daffodeelia – A Sri Lankan Fairytale

The Flower Queen’s Daughter - By Andrew Lang

How the King of Birds Was Chosen: and other Mayan folk tales

The Language of the Birds

Why Cats Sit on the Doorstep in the Sun

I know school is out in many parts of the USA for the season but these sites may be useful in your storytelling and library programs this summer.

Flower Facts and Trivia – Add some interesting trivia about flowers to your storytelling or classroom lessson plans.

Flowers in the Classroom - Grades 5 to 8 Language Arts: Legendary Flowers lesson plan including myths, folktales and legends of flowers.

Honey Bees and Cultural Attitudes - Grades: 4-6 Essential Skills: Literature, Language Arts, Social Studies Students explore how honey bees are portrayed in art and literature. It also offers a comprehensive and age appropriate bibliography at the end.

The Teacher’s Guide: Plants and Flowers - Lots of lesson plans and ideas to keep the ideas blooming!

CRAFTS - Summer brings a bounty of fresh fruit so why not have some fruity fun! - Lots of fun Fourth of July crafts to make your holiday sparkle!
Kinderart - Summer is time to take the children to the zoo. Download some cute animal printables to keep your students and children roaring with delight long after the field trip!


Loowit Campfire Songs - Summer is just around the corner. Get ready for those scouting camp gigs with songs that will have them merrily singing long.

Bus Songs - We all know that sometimes our audiences need to “get the wiggles out” and what better way than to have them sing along! Your toes will be tapping and your fingers snapping as you explore this fun site full of songs that just add some extra Zip A De Doo Dah to your storytelling programs.

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