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Trolling for Tales - Fish Stories from Around the World

Fishing in Spring, the Pot de Clichy by
Vincent Van Gogh, 1887

"Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime."
                        ~ Chinese Proverb

Although the May weather in Massachusetts has been fickle, with the sun playing hide and seek on most days, I have faith that warmer weather is headed our way.

Soon it will be time to pack a picnic lunch, smooth on the sunscreen and break out the fishing poles. With that in mind, here are some fish tales to ensure your storytelling and classroom programs go swimmingly!


From the island of Fiji

o If a man is hand cutting bait no other man may step over it the owner will be angry because the lure's (bait) are considered then to be infected.
o If a man steps over another's fishing line a poor catch will follow.

From the coastal village of Golspie in Scotland

o If a fisherman, when going to sea, seas a hare cross his path, he takes that as a sigo of misfortune.
o If you count boats when you are going out to fish, one of the is sure to be lost.
o It was lucky to set sail on a voyage on Sunday but also to sail the way of the sun.

From Kentucky, USA

o Fish bite best when dogwood is in bloom.
o When it thunders the time is favorable to fish for catfish.

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Ontario Ministry of Natural ResourcesThis curriculum was designed to complement a 2011 art contest. Although the contest has now passed, the curriculum information is still very useful.

The Pacific Salmon and Steelhead Coloring Book – Children will have fun coloring while learning all about lives of these fish.

What’s the Catch? Fish Contamination Educator Curriculum Guide – This is a pdf file "aligned with the CA Science and Social Science standards, National Science Standards, Ocean Literacy Principles and Education in the Environment Initiative Concepts for 4th-8th grades.”


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