Monday, September 26, 2011

Working the Waterfront - Tales of the Fisherman

New Bedford Fishing Boats
Yesterday I spent some time in New Bedford, Massachusetts at the annual Working Waterfront Festival. It is a two day event celebrating commercial fishing at the port that is currently the number one fishing port in the nation.

I offer you some resources in honor of the remarkable men and women who work long hours so we may enjoy fresh seafood on our table.


The Fisherman and His Wife – Grimm
The Fisherman and the Bear – USA
The Fisherman and the Merman – Scottish

The Fisherman and the Piskies – England

The Fisherman of Shetland – Welsh

The Fisherman’s Son – Slavic

The Lucky Fisherman – Nigeria

The Mermaid and the Poor Fisherman – Chile

The Selkie Bride – Scotland

The Three Wondrous Fishes – Austria


Charting Nature - Books on Fishing : Children's Books Videos & DVDs


Fisherman Bear Paper Craft

Fisherman and Dog Fish Costume – Just in time for Halloween!


Discover Education – Lesson plans for K-5 based on The Fisherman and His Wife.
he Fisherman – Lesson plans, activities and more.

Fish and Under the Sea Lesson Plans – This page also offers songs, arts projects, games and more.


Urashima Taro - Japan


Looking for more stories and more related to the sea? These three links will lead you to previous blog posts with additional resources.

Trolling for Tales

Hot Fun in the City

Mermaids – Sirens of the Sea – I know, mermaids are technically not fish but they do live in the sea!

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