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Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Stor e Telling Fall 2008

Hare and Tortoise
Milo Winter, 1919
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FALL 2008

This column normally contains story sites. However, with the difficult economic times I thought I would share some links to help make your travelling tales easier and more economical.  

Our work requires us to do a lot of driving and gas prices continue to rise. These two sites will help you tame the gas guzzling monster.

AAA Fuel Cost Calculator
Calculate the cost of your trip if you are traveling by car. Select your destination, year, make and model of car and it will estimate the cost based on the regional average of cost per gallon.

Gas Buddy.com
Locate cheap gas prices in the USA and Canada. Also includes tips for conserving gas and links to other resources.

The skies are not so friendly anymore. Here are some sites to help you find your way without breaking the bank.

Register at this site and let them notify you when airfares drop. The site also offers a number of other useful tools such as flight routes and information on hidden airline fees. Planning on hosting a festival or conference? Make it easy for folks to find their way to you is their “Fares Widget.” On your organizations website you can configure the widget to display the best fares from anywhere in the country to your city. 

Booking a flight and checking each airline website separate for the best airfare can be daunting and time consuming. Why not utilize some sites that will conduct multiple searches at one? This will help you navigate your way through those cyber airports.

Many airlines are now charging additional fees for baggage, snacks, seating choice and more. This chart will help you calculate the additional costs according to the individual airlines. http://www.kayak.com/airline-fees

Trip Advisor
I offered this site in 2006 but it is worth repeating. Before you hit the wide open road check out your accommodations before you arrive. The site offers ratings and opinions of hotels, motels and attractions around the world from unbiased customers.

And if you missed any of the pervious “Slow and Steady…” blog posts here are the links to the  series so far.


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