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Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Stor e Telling May June 2009

Tortoise and Hare
Jean Grandville, 19th Century
I have penned the Stor E Telling column since January of 2002 and the articles from 2002-2006 are the publications page of my website found here I will be adding the columns from 2007 to 2012 to that page as well. However, I am in the process of checking what link URL's have changed or are now defunct. It is a time consuming process so I am taking the “slow and steady” approach via Aesop and will post the individual columns on my blog for now.

I will not be adding current columns until the following year, so if you want immediate access to the newest websites, consider becoming a member of the
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Please feel free to comment on the blog and let me know if you find this useful.

* In 2009 there were only five issues of Storytelling Magazine so that is why there is a gap between the January/February column and this one.

Here comes the sun…The winter winds are finally gone and the warmth of the sun is with us once more; flowers are blooming, birds are singing and crickets are chirping. I offer you some folktales to help us welcome spring!

Akanidi the Bright Sunbeam – A Siberian Tale

Clytie, the Heliotrope -An adaptation of the Greek myth.

The Cricket’s Song - Guatemalan Folktale

Daffodeelia - Sri Lanka

The Flower Queen’s Daughter - By Andrew Lang

How Butterfly’s Game to Be – Philippine Folktale

Celebrate the colorful culture of Mexico on May 5 during Cinco de Mayo! - Games and activities to help celebrate Cinco De Mayo!

Magic Tales of Mexico - I shared this site in 2005 but it never hurts to spin the story wheel again! Celebrate with nine tales from Mexico!

Mexican Folktales - A bibliography of books to find at your library.

Online tools to help smooth out the bumps on the research road!

Access My - "Free access to millions of articles from top publications available at your library." Search by publication or subject.

Google Scholar - A boon to anyone researching a particular subject. Type the key word(s) in the search box and scholarly articles are at your fingertips. This could be particularly helpful to folks who are writing a thesis or need research materials to support their grant applications.

May 16, 2009 is the International Day for Sharing Stories. Join the campaign and add your own tale.
International Day for Sharing Stories -The event will take place on May 16, 2009. This year’s campaign theme is “Journeys Toward Justice: Capturing the Stories of Human Rights in the Context of Migration”. Stories of immigrants and refugees that can be used as tools to organizations that fight for their rights will be collected. You can be part of their mission by posting your own stories.

Spice up your venue flyers using this tool. - A no-cost online photo-editing tool that offers numerous frames for your photos. There are also special affects you can apply. A great tool if you want to make your own venue posters or postcards.

Searching for some fresh stories for your summer programs? Here are some splendid sites to tempt your storytelling senses.

Indian Fairy Tales -Twenty-nine tales from Joseph Jacobs.

Italian Folktales - Twenty-one folktales, adapted from Starparola, Basile, Calvino and others.

Edmund Dulac’s Fairy Book: Fairy Tales of the Allied Nations - Fifteen tales from around the world, complemented by stunning black and white illustrations.

Fairy Tales from Brazil: How and Why Tales from Brazilian Folk-lore - “Theresa, the ama, stands before us on the terrace under the mango trees…and we know the story hour has begun. ..To sit at the feet of Theresa, the ama, is to enter storyland.  Enjoy and read online or download for your files, eighteen pourquoi tales collected by Elsie Spicer Eells from1917.

Khmer Folk Tales - Five folktales from the ancient kingdom of Khmer.

And if you missed any of the pervious “Slow and Steady…” blog posts here are the links to the series so far.



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