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Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Stor e Telling January February 2010

Tortoise and Hare
from Childhood's Favorites
and Fairy Tales

I have penned the Stor e Telling column since January of 2002 and the articles from 2002-2006 are the publications page of my website found here I will be adding the columns from 2007 to 2012 to that page as well. However, I am in the process of checking what link URL's have changed or are now defunct. It is a time consuming process so I am taking the “slow and steady” approach via Aesop and will post the individual columns on my blog for now.

I will not be adding current columns until the following year, so if you want immediate access to the newest websites, consider becoming a member of the
National Storytelling Network.

Please feel free to comment on the blog and let me know if you find this useful.


Two sites to complement this Brimstone Award issue.

The Foundation Center - Take a tutorial at the Learning Lab on grant researching, proposal writing, and funding research. Their simple to use search engine will help you easily navigate your way.

How to Write a Grant Proposal: From Summary to Budget

Make a clean sweep and start the New Year off in style with these three articles.
Dealing With Clutter –Topics include what to do with specific items (such as financial and tax records) and barriers to getting organized.

Organizing Your Home OfficeTips to guarding your productivity and setting realistic office hours.

Seven Easy Ways to Stop Procrastinating - I think the title says it all. Get going!

January 26 is Australia Day! Join in the fun from the land down under and download these two legendary books.

Australian Legendary Folktales collected by Katie Langloh Parker with an introduction by Andrew Lang.

More Australian Legendary Folktales by Katie Langloh Parker from 1898.

The Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger, begins on February 14. Here are some Chinese folktales and terrific tiger tales to help you celebrate in style!
Chinese Fables and Folk Stories - Download this book by Mary Hayes Davis, published in 1908.

The Old Woman and the Tiger – China

A Tiger, a Worm a Snail – Vietnamese

Why Oxen Do Not Have Upper Front Teeth and Tiger’s has Black Stripes - Khmer

Tiger and the Firewood Collector - Bali

The Tiger and the Frog - Asia

The Priest, the Tiger and the Jackal - India

The Tiger, the Ram and the Jackal – South Africa

St. Patrick’s Day will soon be here. Some Celtic tales to bring you cheer!

Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland – Legends of the Merrows, Elves, and more.

Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales - A lovely collection of Scottish fairy and folk tales.

The Welsh Fairy Book - Eighty-four stories along with a page of pronunciation notes.

February is Black History Month and March is Women’s History Month so I thought I would combine the two.

Black History and Women
“Women are half the human race and they're half of black history, as well. Here are some highlights bringing together black history and women's history.”

Famous Hispanic Women - “Hispanic women have contributed to the culture of the world and to American history.” Learn more about them here

Women in Black History - “You'll find women who are famous and women who should be better-known, from early America and slavery to the 21st century, including the Harlem Renaissance and the civil rights movement.

Women Warriors from 3500BC to the 20th Century - Throughout history women have been involved in battles, sieges, and duels. This site offers a glimpse at women warriors through the centuries.

And if you missed any of the pervious “Slow and Steady…” blog posts here are the links to the series so far.



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