Monday, January 26, 2015

The Luxury of Listening: Storytelling Podcasts

A Midsummer's Night Dream
Arthur Rackham, 1908
Recently, storyteller Allison Cox asked our colleagues on the Storytell listserv to share some of their favorite podcast sites. Below is a list of suggestions, along with additional links to stories that regularly stream live on radio stations.

While there is no substitute for a live performance, watching and hearing a storyteller weave their magic right before your eyes, these podcasts are certainly treasures in their own right.

I am sure your will find many wonderful stories among the many links below to brighten your days!

Podcasts and Radio Shows

The Art of Storytelling Show

Everything is Stories

The Moth

Porchlight Storytelling Series

Stories of the Journey Home


Tell a Tale

This American Life

World of Storytelling

Many thanks to Allison for asking the question and to the following storytellers for sharing the information:

Wendy Gourley
Jenni Cargill-Strong
Richard Martin
Ingrid Nixon
Nick Smith
Michael Williams



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Linda Gorham said...

Wow Karen! This is pretty cool!

Karen Chace said...

So glad you find it useful Linda! I hope all is well.


Anonymous said...

What s great resource to have all these in one place ! Thanks, Karen. FYI A few of our podcasts are highlighted on our home page, all are at iTunes and our host site is

Karen Chace said...

Thank you BigMouths. I appreciate your note. I did go to the website link but it it is a broken. Would you please send me the correct one so I can add it to the list? Thanks so much.