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Stor e Telling March April May 2015: National Storytelling Conference

The Queen and the Crab
Illustration by H. J. Ford,
from the Orange Fairy Book, 1906

I am continuing to share my Stor e Telling columns from the National Storytelling Magazine. The resources below are from the March/April/May 2015 issue. All of the links have been checked and updated where necessary. You will notice that some of the links are about Kansas City since the 2015 National Storytelling Conference was held in that city. The conference will be held there this year as well so the links will hopefully be useful to you in 2016.

Please note that I only add my columns to my blog when the year has passed. To receive additional, timely resources, please consider becoming a member of the National Storytelling Network. Your membership includes the National Storytelling Magazine.

The National Storytelling Conference will be held in Kansas City, MO in July. Here are some sites to explore so you will ready to enjoy the sites and sounds of the city!

Explore Kansas City – Information on concerts, events, attractions and more. There is also a monthly calendar of events.

Visit – This site will lead you to restaurants, hotels and events, including family activities, discounts, maps, transportation and more. - If your family is joining you at the conference this site offers over 500 family friendly attractions to entertain and delight everyone. – Before you open your wallet visit this site for ratings and comments on events, restaurants and hotels from folks who have walked the walk.

May 18 is Victoria Day in Canada, in honor of Queen Victoria. To celebrate this special day I offer you some tales of queens from around the world.

Anait - Armenia

Good Will Grow Out of Good - India

Kings, Queens, Princesses and Earls: The Twelve Wild Geese - Ireland

The Lute Player - Russia

The Queen and the Mouse - France

The Son of Seven Queens - India

The Snow Queen - Denmark

The Tale of the Sad Queen - China

The White Doe – France

Continuing with the celebration of Queen Victoria Day I offer an article from

The Influence of Queen Victoria on England’s Literary Fairy Tales – The link will lead you to a preview of the article. To read the entire piece you are required to register but registration is free.

Time and Date/Canada - For additional information on the holiday visit - If you plan to join the celebration in Canada here is a helpful guide.

June 18 is Go Fishing Day in the USA so I offer some tales with scales. Have fun swimming through the stories!

A Fish Story – Australia
A Small Fish Story – Ireland

The Fish and the Ring – Germany

The Girl-Fish – Spain

How People Learned to Fish – Native American

The Fish God of Hawaii – United States

The Golden Fish - India

The Heron, the Fish and the Crayfish –Ukraine 

The Old Man and the Fish – China

The Talking Fish – Armenia

That Pesky Fellow – Newfoundland 

Why the Fish Has Scales – Philippines

Why the Fish Laughed – India

And for those who spend their summer days seeking “The one that got away,” a link that leads to Tales of the Fisherman, filled with stories, crafts, curriculum and more.

And if you missed the January/February Stor e Telling blog, you can find it here:

In addition, this link will take you to all of the Stor e Telling blog posts from Storytelling Magazine from 2007 to 2014.

Please note, websites change at a rapid pace and weblinks may change or break without notice. I cannot be responsible for redirected or broken links.  At the time of this posting all links were in working order. Thank you for understanding.

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