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From 1001 Nights to 2001 Story Resources II: Stor e Telling 2014

Scheherazade und Sultan Schariar
Ferdinand Keller, 1880

The tale of the Persian beauty Scheherazade is one all storytellers are familiar with, a woman who saved her own life by sharing 1000 stories by the end of 1001 nights. I began writing the Stor e Telling column for Storytelling Magazine in 2002 and since then I have reviewed well over 2001 storytelling and educational websites, as well as individual folktales, fairy tales, myths and legends.

Last year I posted all of my columns from 2014. I have listed them all below so they will be easier to locate. In additional, you will find a link that will take you to all of the articles and resources from 2007 to 2012. I have also begun rechecking all of the links in my columns from 2015 and recently posted the very first article from January/February 2015; the theme was Drama.

I invite you to return often for more resources as I continue to share my work. Please let me if you find this useful in your work; thank you for stopping by!

Stor e Telling: January February, March 2014: Spiritual Stories
In this post you will find Zen and Buddhist tales, stories that celebrated The Year of the Horse, and riddles stories to add some fun to National Puzzle Day. There are also a number of public domain books to honor Tell a Fairy Tale Day, stories about the wind and of course, to celebrate all things Irish!

Stor e Telling: April May 2014: Storytelling World Award
Stories from Turkey, Italy and Japan, including tales of Rübezahl and more. All the links have been checked. Have fun surfing for stories!

Stor e Telling: June July: Storytelling in the Classroom
Resources, residency information, and some ‘egg’cellent stories to celebrate Sidewalk Egg Frying Day.

Stor e Telling: August September: Festival Revivals
While these sites focus on a variety of festivals, music, cultural arts, and theater, the information and advice will be useful to storytelling festival producers as well. Also, there are stories to complement Grandparents Day, National Dog Day, the entire Stith Thompson Index and more.

Stor e Telling: October November December: Storytelling and Play
Information on writing prompts, lesson plans for Aesop, Animal Tales, Trickster Tales, American Folklore and more. If you are seeking information on how storytelling connects with the Common Core, YES (Youth, Education and Storytellers) has you covered with a comprehensive, downloadable document full of information to make your case! And just for fun, there are icebreakers and games to add fun to your day!

Stor e Telling Columns: 2007 to 2012 with Synopses

From 1001 Nights to 2001 Story Resources: Stor e Telling 2013

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