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Stor e Telling: April May 2016: Storytelling World Awards

The Soul of the Rose
John  William Waterhouse, 1908
The second Stor e Telling addition from 2016. Below is the April/May issue. The theme for this issue is Storytelling World Awards so let’s take a spin around the globe with these books, which are now happily in the public domain.

Folk-lore and Legends of Germany by Anonymous, 1892. Water-sprites, dancers, elves and more are found between the virtual covers of this book. 

Korean Folk Tales: Imps, Ghosts and Fairies by James S. Gale, 1913. Visit with Ten Thousand Devils, The Awful Little Goblin, and more mysterious creatures from Korea.

The Norwegian Fairy Book by Clara Stroebe, 1922. Meet The Troll-Wife, The Young Fellow and the Devil, or The Pastor and the Sexton, and then make your way through the other 34 stories from Norway.

Tales Of The Fairies And Of The Ghost World by Jeremiah Curtin, 1895. Fitzgerald, O’Donohue, Kerry and Connors are just a few of the men and their stories included in the volume of 30 Irish tales. 

The Talking Thrush and Other Tales of India collected by W. Crooke and retold by W.H. Drouse, 1922. The jackal, tortoise, goat, and monkey are just a few of the animals you will meet in these 43 tales from India. 

Told in the Coffee House: Turkish Tales collected by Cyrus Adler and Allan Ramsay, 1898. According to the author, “Some of the stories…are adaptations of those already known in Arabic and Persian literature, but the Turkish mind gives them a new setting and a peculiar philosophy.” 

Viking Tales by Jennie Hall, 1902. “These Norse stories have… three values…the love of truth, the hardy endurance, the faithfulness to plighted word, that make them a child's fit companions.” 

May 8 is Mother’s Day in the USA. Below is a blog post I wrote in 2013 with stories, crafts and more. All of the links have been checked; ready, set, surf!

Mother’s Day and Memories

June 12 is Red Rose Day; let’s stop and smell the roses!

The Blue Rose – China

The Daughter of the Rose – Romania

The Elf of the Rose – Hans Christian Andersen

Legend of the Cherokee Rose – Native American

The Legend of the Christmas Rose - Italy

Little Wild-Rose – Romania

The Maiden with the Rose on Her Forehead - Portugal

The Nightingale and the Rose – Oscar Wilde

The Rose - Grimm

The Rose Beauty – Turkey

The Rose Tree – England

The Snail and the Rose Tree – Hans Christian Andersen

The Three Roses – Czechoslovakia 


Bodleian Libraries University of Oxford – Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. Download these gorgeous book illustrations from 1599 to color. Thanks to Carol McCormick for sharing this gem. 

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