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Stor e Telling June July 2016: Reprise

The Storyteller
Der Erzahler, 1805
This is the third Stor e Telling installment from 2016. This issue was a reprise of the ‘best of the best’ offered through the years. I did the same with my column and culled through my extensive archives, dating back to 2002, bringing you a reprise of some of my favorite storytelling websites.

4 to 40
Folktales and stories from around the world, including Jakarta, Estonia, Ukraine, and more. 

Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By
Multicultural folktales searchable by continent and country, and play scripts as well. It also offers stories categorized by themes to foster positive behavior and reinforcement.

The Baldwin Project
A comprehensive collection of literature in the public domain; read tales from as far back as 1880.

Chinese Legends, Or, The Porcelain Tower
There are many wonderful myths, folktales and legends from China is this 1848 book by Thomas Henry Sealy, now in the public domain.

Fairy Tales from Brazil: How and Why Tales from Brazilian Folk-lore
Enjoy eighteen pourquoi tales collected by Elsie Spicer Eells from1917.

The Golden Rod Fairy Book
Published in 1903; stories from England, France, Poland, Bohemia, Russia, India, China, Italy, Denmark, Ireland and Spain are contained within.

Learning to Give
Lesson plans, complimentary folktales, and parent resources to involve students in philanthropy and serving their communities.

Mysterious Britain
Banshees, selkies, giants and dragons are but a few of the folktales and legends from England, Wales and Scotland.

Myths, Folktales and Fairytales
Explore folklore with Nina Jaffe, experience a storytelling workshop with Gerald Fierst or a myth writing workshop with Jane Yolen. There are teacher guides, assessments, rubrics, and stories.

Orkneyjar - The Heritage of the Orkney Islands
Tradition, folklore and more; enjoy the beauty and history of the Orkney Islands.

Sacred Text Archives                    
Explore the world through this amazing collection of texts on religion, mythology, legends, folklore, and more.                                                        

Scottish Fairy and Folk TalesA lovely collection of Scottish fairy and folk tales from 1901.

Speak Bird, Speak Again
A book of Palestinian Arab Folktales from Ibrahim Muhawi and Sharif Kanaana.

Tales of Laughter
A collection tales from Ireland, Spain, France, Russia and other countries from around the globe. They are sure to have you smiling with delight!

Tales of the Punjab: Told by the People
A wonderful collection of Eastern Indian tales with notes to the stories.

Teaching with Folklore Index
An entry point for busy teachers who wish to use folklore with their class; the resources are aimed mainly at elementary grades one to six.

Women and the Sea
A valuable collection of resources outlining women’s experiences and contributions as sailors, lighthouse keepers, yachting, mermaid myths, and more. There is also an extensive bibliography.

If you missed the first 2016 installment you may access it here:

January February March 2016 – Humor
The theme for this issue was humor so you will find some noddlehead stories to make you smile. Also, there are tales to celebrate Candlemas, St. Patrick's Day, National Pig Day, and a few extra goodies. 

April Mary 2016 – Storytelling World Awards
This is the second installment of my 2016 Stor e Telling column from Storytelling Magazine. The theme was Storytelling World Awards. You will find downloadable public domain books from around the world, stories to celebrate Red Rose Day and Mother's Day, and a few other resources, including links to all of the other columns, dating back to 2007. Have fun surfing!

If you are interested in the previous Stor e Telling columns you will find them all at the links below. Each section has a short synopsis to make it easier for you to find what interests you.

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In addition, all of my Stor e Telling columns in Storytelling Magazine from 2002-2006 are listed on the Publication’s Page on my website. One caveat, I have not had the opportunity to recheck all of the links; that is a project for another day. You will find a point and click extravaganza of story research here:

Please note, websites change at a rapid pace and weblinks may change or break without notice. I cannot be responsible for redirected or broken links.  At the time of this posting all links were in working order. Thank you for understanding.

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