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Stor e Telling Summer 2019: Puppets and Puppetry

Peach Blossoms
Winslow Homer, 1878
The theme for the summer issue of Stor e Telling in Storytelling Magazine 2019 was all about puppets. I included stories, curriculum, and tutorials to help you ‘get a hand’ on puppetry!

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At the end of the this blog you will also find additional links to previous blog offerings, the first from Winter 2019 and columns from 2018 - 2007

I hope you find something fun to add to your storytelling, classroom, or home schooling class.


The Four Puppets – Burma

Legends and Lore – Scripts to bring The Three Little Pigs, Iktomi and the Kettles and others come alive.

Officer of Heaven – An easy finger puppet play from Western China.

Puppets for Librarians – Storyteller Granny Sue and librarian Nancy Whetstone have joined forces to create this useful puppetry blog; stories, crafts and more.

Alligator Arm Puppet – Easy craft with template.

Paper Cone Finger Puppets – Five easy animal puppets to complement the play Officer of Heaven in the Stories and Scripts section above.


Chinese Lesson Plan – Shadow Puppets

Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Tall Tales and Puppets! Grade 3-5 - A wide variety of paper bag puppets to complement many themes.


Legends and Lore – Puppet Manipulation

Tips for Puppeteers - A series of video tutorials to help you learn to master the art of puppetry.

Tips on using hand puppets with young children - Storyteller Priscilla Howe share her successful puppetry techniques.

In the United States the first Sunday after Labor Day is Grandparent’s Day. Here are stories from around the world to help you honor our elders. I shared some of these stories in 2007 but I thought it was time to bring them out into the light again.

Raven and His Grandmother – Aleut

The Dreaming Tree – Brazil

Grandmother Spider Steals the Sun – Cherokee

Grandmother Wolf – China

Grandmother Spider Steals the Fire – Choctaw

Holger Danske – Denmark

The Old Grandfather and His Grandson – Germany

A Present for Grandfather – Indonesia

The Lime Tree – Russia

Grandmother’s Golden Dish – Serbia

August is Peach Month so of course we need some delectable tales to whet your appetite.

Fadhila’s Secret - Kenya

The Peach Boy - Japan

Peach Darling – Japan

The Silent Cavalier – The Story of the Peach Tree - Azores

The Two Jugglers - China

The Monkey Spirit - China

The Queen Mother of the West -China

How Three Heroes Came By Their Deaths Because of Two Peaches - China


I thought it would be fun to share some different story openings and endings I find along the research road. Here is the second opening for 2019.

"Once on a time, long long ago, when there were more kings and queens in Ireland than O'Donnell's old castle has windows, and when witches and enchantments were as plentiful as blackthorn bushes..."


In case you missed it here is an earlier blog post offering from my winter 2019 columns.

Stor e Telling – Storytelling World Winter 2019
The theme for this issue was Storytelling World. Get ready for a glamorous trip around the globe through these fabulous public domain folktale collections, including stories to celebrate Learn About Butterflies Day and World Rat Day.

These links below will lead you to my columns from 2007-2018

Stor e Telling Fall 2018: Storytelling and EmpathyThe theme for this issue was storytelling and empathy, both are greatly needed in our current climate. You will also find additional stories about the glorious pumpkins that dot the fall landscape, candle tales to celebrate the Feast of Saint Ambrose.

Stor e Telling Summer 2018: Storytelling Traditions Around the World
Many of us are familiar with The Moth and StoryCorp but what about some of the other ancient forms of storytelling? In this blog post you will read about a few of the fascinating and different traditions from around the world to complement the issue's theme. You will also find stories to celebrate Be An Angel Day on August 22 so get ready to fly with these new tales.|

Stor e Telling Spring 2018: Storytelling WorldUnwrap some fun and fabulous resources to love and add to your repertoire. The theme was Storytelling World so you will find tales from many cultures. There are also legends to savor on Tea for Two Tuesday on March 21, Noodlehead tales to tickle your funny bone for International Moment of Laughter Day on April 14, and folktales for Bat Appreciation Day on April 17.

The link below will take you to a previous blog post with my Store e Telling columns from 2007-2017.

1001 Nights to 2001 Story Resources V: Stor e Telling 2017

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